Launch your startup in seconds without coding is the web and mobile apps generator that codes and designs for you.

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Forget about hiring programmers or buying scripts that you won't know how to modify or install. In three easy steps, our AI powered robot will design, adapt the code and deploy your platform to world class cloud servers. You don't have to do anything, just focus on sales.

Maker AI is not only about pre-made projects. Our artificial intelligence will design and adapt the structure of your platform based on your business idea. So you can launch your startup in a couple of minutes.

Connect Domain

In, your platform will be hosted automatically in our world class cloud servers, powered by Microsoft Azure. Also, you can connect your own domain in seconds so you can launch your platform immediately.

Full Featured Platform

We know that you want to go big, so we include features like admin panels, orders dashboard, user registration, transactional emails, sharing economy functions, and more. You'll be ready to conquer the world.

No coding required

When you choose an structure in, our AI customizes it to suit your business idea. It can recommend you pictures, color palletes, and even can generate a logo for you. So, your base project will be ready without any need to edit it.

Manage Database

We created a powerful dashboard, that allows you to manage everything that happens in your platform, like your clients database, orders, and everything you or them upload. You will have the control of everyting and you can download your data and delete it whenever you want.

Connect with apps

Create new things using our integration with Zapier. It's easy to add new functionality like sending a customer to a Mailchimp list or adding an order to your bookkeeping app like Quickbooks. And if you know how to code, you can build amazing things using Webhooks and our API.

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