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The Future of Web Development goes beyond DIY builders and simple human developers.
You can create websites, online store or even more advanced web platforms.

Artificial Intelligence + Human Heart

1.- Select what you want

Check the multiple structures that we have and pick the one that suits your idea best.

2.- Generate it with our Ai

To create your platform just follow the steps of our AI Assistant. It will only take seconds.

3.- Go online immediately

Once your platform is generated, it will be hosted immediately so you can launch the same day.

4.- Your own UX Expert

Extend your platform with add-ons like a SSL padlock or a dedicated designer for your platform.

You will have something like this

In you can create from a website to a full featured platform where you can act like an intermediary such as Airbnb or Etsy.

In everything is covered

Let Maker create your platform at a fraction of the time.
Build your platform in seconds, connect your domain and start selling.

Meet Maker AI uses artificial intelligence to help you with the hard code and the preliminary design of your platform.

No coding required

Thanks to our AI, you don't need any knowledge in coding or designing.

Cloud hosting included

Once you finish your platform it will be hosted automatically in our cloud hosting server. Powered by Microsoft Azure

Connect your own domain

You have the option to connect your own domain to the platform

sample phone with app screen on it sample phone with app screen on it
Responsive Designs

All the platforms created in can be visualize in all mobile devices.

Connect payment gateways

You can connect and disconnect multiple payment gateways in just one click.

Connect external apps

Connect more than hundred external apps thanks to our integration with Zapier. Eg. Mailchimp or Google Docs

Have a dedicated designer

You can select one of our add-ons to work with one of our expert designers.

Add these and more payment gateways to your platform easily with just one click

stripe payment-gateways
paypal payment-gateways
2checkout payment-gateways
payu payment-gateways
mercadopago payment-gateways

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AI powered generator for web entrepreneurs

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