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In you have a lot of options, you can create basic projects like a website or an online store, or more advanced projects like an Airbnb clone or a crowdfunding

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If your project needs to receive payments we have a dozen of payment gateways available. You can activate this gateways just with one click and without any complicated integration.

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When you publish a project in you can give costumers an access to our white-label CMS so they can make the changes they want. All the projects are self-manageable

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You can host your projects just with one click in MDO Cloud, these servers are powered by Microsoft Azure. You can pay it yourself or you can transfer the cost to your customers

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"I was searching for a developer a long time, with i have a functional crowdfunding with clients"
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Eduardo Berrios
Founder, Bandstart
"We added websites to our product offering, increasing our sales in a high percentage"
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Maria José Godoy
Rabbit Media Agency

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